Body Type & Essence Analysis

This service is available in English. Both the Analysis and the meeting on Zoom will be in English. 

Following David Kibbe’s method, this analysis is meant to help you find out what your body type is.


Apart from that, you will receive information about your essence (in Kibbe’s system) and mix of possible essences (in Kitchener’s system).


Finally, you’ll have a glimpse of what your personal style could look like, garments that suit you best, makeup and hairstyle that show your true self. 


For more information: [email protected]

Style Guide

This service is available in English. Both the Guide and our meeting on Zoom will be in English. 

This service also includes the Analysis of your Body Type & Essence.  This is actually the first part of a 30-page dossier that will change your perspective on personal care and style. You will receive the Analysis in 2 days tops. Then, a few days later, I’ll get back to you with your Personal Style Guide, a document with plenty of information on: 

  • the best fabrics for you
  • the patterns, colours and designs that suit you
  • the clothes and accessories that showcase your essence 
  • the makeup and hairstyle that will make you look your best
  •  Lookbook: 3 outfits for 3 different occasions

For more information: [email protected]